“The brain is among the major organs generating large amounts of reactive oxygen species and is especially susceptible to oxidative stress. Glutathione (GSH) plays critical roles as an antioxidant, enzyme cofactor, cysteine storage form, the major redox buffer, and a neuromodulator in the central nervous system. GSH deficiency has been implicated in neurodegenerative diseases. 

Increasing  the  neuronal  GSH  level, whether  endogenously  or  exogenously,  would  prevent the progression of some age-related neurodegenerative diseases  by  protecting  against  oxidative  stress.  It  is unclear whether exogenous GSH/cysteine supplements are  clinically  effective,  whereas  endogenous  mechanisms inducing GSH synthesis might be an alternative strategy  against  neurodegeneration.  Cysteine  transport via  EAAC1  plays  an  important  role  in  neuronal  GSH synthesis. Although the precise mechanism(s) regulatingEAAC1  function  remains  elusive,  an  agent  inhibitingGTRAP3-18 would be a promising approach to increasing  the  neuronal  GSH  level  endogenously  in  patients with neurodegenerative diseases.”

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