A recent study shows that low glutathione levels are associated with increased severity of celiac disease/gluten intolerance.
Click here to read this study. 

“The antioxidant capacity of celiac patients is significantly reduced, mostly by a depletion of glutathione. 
Natural antioxidants and appropriate dietary supplements could be important complements to the classic therapy of celiac disease.” V. Stojiljković

At the University of Belgrade at their Laboratory of Molecular Biology and Endocrinology they had studied the effects of Glutathione and Celiac Disease. Click here to read this study. 

The study examined 39 children suffering from Celiac Disease as well as 19 control subjects. Measuring the activity and level of antioxidant enzymes and the levels of Glutathione as well as lipid hydroperoxides.

“An alarming discovery was made, alarming in the sense that due to the impact on Glutathione levels it severely cripples the overall health of Celiac sufferers. In another sense it was an extremely exciting discovery because it means that by supplementing Glutathione levels through Acetylated Glutathione you can dramatically improve the condition of your immune function and inflammatory response to Gluten.

Oxidative stress is a critical component in the pathogenesis of Celiac Disease. This in turn cripples the antioxidant capacity of Celiac sufferers, levels were significantly reduced in patients examined. The body’s master antioxidant Glutathione was the antioxidant mostly affected by this depletion.

Natural antioxidants, in particular Glutathione can be extremely beneficial supplements to help treat Celiac Disease.

Fortifying Glutathione levels benefits the depletion of antioxidants due to gut inflammation, as well as fighting inflammation directly. Lessening the severe reaction to gluten. So Glutathione works on a few levels, by supporting the low antioxidant levels and preventing the reaction that depletes these antioxidants in the first place.

Whether you suffer from a minor gluten intolerance or a more severe Celiac Disease, supplementing with a high quality Acetyl Glutathione supplement can significantly improve your condition. Helping treat the nutrient deficiencies Celiac sufferers are prone to, as well as minimizing the guts reaction to Gluten. Improving digestion and the overall health of patients.” Source: Glutathione Pro 

“It was shown that oral application of GSH increases GSH level in the mucosa of small and large intestine of mice and protects these tissues from GSH deficiency induced by BSO (L-buthionine SR-sulfoximine). Since enterocytes are capable of GSH absorption from intestinal lumen, oral application of GSH could be of great importance for protection of intestinal epithelium damage occurring in inflammatory disorders such as CD, ischemia, chemotherapy or radiation.” V. Stojiljković

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