Toxic Mold Exposure & Glutathione

"Most people are unaware exposure to mold can cause serious illness. Even worse, most physicians are not familiar with mold illness or its associated symptoms, so it is rarely considered as a diagnosis. If mold is suspected, a physician may test the patient for mold allergies – or suggest they have allergies to some inhalant … Continue reading Toxic Mold Exposure & Glutathione

Mycotoxins Can Decrease the Formation of Glutathione

"Research suggests that mycotoxins can decrease the formation of glutathione due to decreased gene expression of the enzymes needed to form glutathione. Mycotoxin-related compromise of glutathione production can result in an excess of oxidative stress that leads to tissue damage and systemic illness. Decreased function of the enzymes of glutathione production results in a microenvironment … Continue reading Mycotoxins Can Decrease the Formation of Glutathione

Glutathione the Master Antioxidant

"As we age, our natural production of glutathione decreases which results in free radical damage and oxidative stress. And when we are exposed to toxic mold, heavy metals, medications, stress, infections, and poor dietary choices this just adds to the toxic burden in your body, overwhelming your detoxification process. Remember those harmful mycotoxins that mold … Continue reading Glutathione the Master Antioxidant